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                                                 Singapor rail station.
What to take




It is absolutely necessary to think about the weight of your luggage before heading to the airport. There is nothing as stressful or depressing as dragging a heavy suitcase, when you are on a long travelling holiday.  We've learned from experience and always take small sized suitcases and very few light clothes, something you can wash and dry quickly. Our underwear is the type you wash in the night and they are dry and ready for the next morning. You can buy these lightweight clothes at specialist shops such as Rohan(
www.rohan.co.uk ). They might be expensive to buy but if you only use them for holidays and travelling, they last for years.


Another important item on our travelling list is books. If you have a book about the place you are visiting, you can find out important information with ease. For detailed information, We recommend The Lonely Planet books. For a brief tours The Berlitz Pocket Guide books are adequate. Both types of books are available at (
www.amazon.co.uk). Of course, the internet is another useful source of information.

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