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Over the years, we have travelled through 43 States of USA and have loved every trip. One particular State we have returned to repeatedly, in the winter, is sunny Florida. Of course, we are not the only ones who spend some time there during the colder months. The snow birds (elderly temporary migrants) from North America and Canada crowd the roads, shops, motels and restaurants. For the great majority of these snow birds, this holiday season goes on from the end of October until the end of April. Others like us spend up to 2 or 3 months of the winter in Florida.

               C' mas 2015           Shelter from the sun

                       C' mas Day in Florida 2015                                           Shelter away from Florida sun, with a cool drink  2014

           Sunset park              Pelicans

                             Little Heron at Sunset Park 2016                                          Pelicans on the lookout for food 2013                                              

        Snow birds              Sunset
    Snow birds and locals at the Table of Wisdom.  C'mas 2012                                     Sunset 2017

        Snow birds          sand snowman
                    Christmas gifts exchanged  2012                                                         Sand snowman  C'mas 2012

We have been to Florida twice in the summer previously and the verdict is, 'no more summers for us in the Sunshine State'. It is just too hot and humid to do anything. However, the winter sun is never too hot. You can walk or sit and sunbathe or participate in any type of sport activities. If your choice on the day is going to visit Orlando parks or wander about The Everglades, the winter sun is never too hot and it is quite comfortable.

         Orlando intertainer         A strol on the beach
                         One of Orlando's intertainers. 1998                                      An evening stroll on St. Pete's Beach  2008


Although Orlando Airport is quite modern and purposely built for tourist convenience, we always prefer to fly into Miami. One of our reasons is that we consider Miami the capital city of Latin- America and The Caribbean. This is because the streets, shops and businesses are filled with people of that origin. For anyone who is interested in multicultural restaurants, cafes, fashion and music, it is all there to be enjoyed.  Obviously, Cubans outnumber other nations in Miami. One place to see this is in little Havana on the outskirts of the city.  We always take the local bus to travel  to places like that in Miami. On a bus you are close to the locals and you can see them in their cultural behaviour.The way they greet and speak to each other, the shopping in their hands and all the interaction between them tells a lot about these delightful people. 


       Miami restaurant           Miami shoppers          
 A restaurant in South Beach Miami. 2004                                       A view of a Miami street and hotel.  2006

We usually stay around South Beach in Miami because of its convenience. The beach is good. The art deco area is close by and good quality restaurants and interesting shops are everywhere around the streets. There's miles of purpose built  board walk along the beach for joggers and walkers.

           Board walk          Board walk
                                                                 Miami board walk at its quietest time of the day. 2008

We normally spend up to 10 to 15 days in Miami before we pick up a car and start driving off to other parts of Florida. If we are heading to the west coast, we drive through The Everglades.  Alligator Alley is one route we sometimes take but, usually, we prefer to drive along the Tamiami Trail. This is because, on both sides of these roads, you can see alligators sunning themselves on the banks of the water and there are also various types of beautiful birds on the trees

     The Everglades          The Everglades
                                                                                      The Everglades.

            Alligaters          Alligetor
Alligators love sunbathing. The Everglades.   2013        

           Pelican            Egrate
                                                              A  pelican and an egret looking for their next meal.  2013 

Florida State has a lot on offer for visitors. People go there to play golf because Florida has the highest number of golf courses in the whole of America and it is very cheap. Orlando Parks have the best entertainment in the World. There's a choice of beautiful, palm tree fringed beaches everywhere. Most importantly, you don't have to stay in one place for long. Motels are always available wherever and whenever you arrive, without prior booking. In fact, we never stay in one place for long. We like St Pete Beach, near Tampa, and have stayed there a lot more often than in other places. However, if some cold weather moves down from the north, we move southwards, as far as The Keys.

         Motel          A show in Key West
                         Arrival at a Florida Motel. 2013                                                The show is on at Key West.  2005 

When in Florida, there are some things we like to watch every day. One of them is the sunset. A friend of ours says, 'If you have seen one, you have seen them all.' We disagree. We watch sunsets and, every day, there are some differences, such as different shapes and shades of clouds and sky. Walking along a beach and picking up some shells and observing them gives us a great pleasure. Watching birds is another of our hobbies. We can get to these beauties with minimum effort, every day in Florida.

         sunny      sunny 2

                        Sunset Party 2015                                                                   Sunset Tranquility 2015

       Sunset Party 2015       Sunset 2015
                             Sunset group 2008                                                          Sunset watch , at Key  West 2004

     Sunset          sunset

     sunset            sunset

     sunset            sunset
      sunset             sunset

      Heron             Liz

                                                                   Who's a beautiful bird then?

      Fish crow              Blue heron
                                     Fish Crow                                                                                Little Blue Heron

     Wood stork               egrate
                                   Wood Stork                                                                                 Snow Egret
        Heron               seagull
                          Heron on the cat-walk.                                                                                  Seagull

       Mockingbird                Manatee
                                    Mockingbird                                                                                            Manatee

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