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If I visit a place for the first time and I like it so much that I feel I need to come back again, I consider it to be one of my favourites. My favourite cities which I have been back to visit several times are London, Vancouver, New Orleans and Adelaide.







There are so many things I like about London. One thing which fascinates me most is the different languages spoken by people. When you walk in the streets of London, it feels like every other person you pass by or you meet comes from a different part of the world. Over 300 different languages are used in this city. It seems as if London is the meeting place for the people of the world. Sometimes when I am in London and walking down a street, I have the urge to stop and chat to everyone. I would like to ask him or her which part of the world they come from. I like to know what language they are speaking. Even the English language itself comes from various regions of UK and you have a chance of hearing some beautiful blends of English accents.  

London has so many old and historical buildings such as Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Tower of London and other world heritage sites. For anyone who loves history, London is a gold mine. Walking around these buildings and thinking and imagining what went on over the years in these places is a real delight.         

              UK Parlament house      London park
                                                       Houses of Parliament                                                                              Hyde Park gardens

Some people say London is too crowded and noisy. Yes it is but, when you have had enough of that, there is always some quiet and peaceful corner somewhere. Take Central London as an example. You can be in a most crowded place, such as Oxford Street and, within minutes, you can walk across the road to the quiet and beautiful gardens of Hyde Park and peacefully hand feed birds and squirrels.

                              Bird feed           Animal feed
                                           Feeding birds is another pleasure in Hyde Park.                          Squirrels  take food from people's hands.

I love running marathons but the only marathon I ever run is London and I have done 14 of them. The marathon route takes you through most of the historical buildings and sites of which I have great memories. I consider myself very lucky to be living close to London so that I can get to my favourite spot whenever I feel like it.



One year we travelled across Canada, starting from Toronto and finishing in Vancouver. We were planning to take it easy and relax a bit after a tiring journey through the Canadian Rockies but realised that there was so much to see and do in Vancouver.

The city is blessed with a huge park, known as Stanley Park, where there are so many different types of activities for people to enjoy. We decided the best way to see the park was to walk the 6 miles path around it. We saw people cycling, jogging, power walking and skating around it. The park has beautiful gardens, forest, beaches, the sea, various types of animals and birds.

                                     Vancouver      Vancouver
                                                                            Totem poles

Vancouver City seems to have everything you need. I remember sitting in one of the cafes right in the main shopping street (Robson Street) and I could see the mountains with snow cover, the sea, and the park, all from the same spot where I was having coffee. I can’t think of any other city where people can go swimming in the sea, sun bathing on a beach and skiing within the same day. That is what you can do in Vancouver.

New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans was part of our journey through the deep south of USA. We went to Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana on an organised bus tour. The day before we got to New Orleans, I picked up a book and started reading about this city. I enjoyed every bit of the write up until I read a line where it said “New Orleans is the leading city for gun crime in USA” I said, "Oh!! My god, where are we going?"

The first day we walked out of our hotel, I was a nervous wreck. Every time I saw someone move his hands towards his pocket, I thought now the gun is going to come out. I stayed nervous all day, until I had few beers and walked into Bourbon Street. All that Jazz and the lively atmosphere could mask your fears. In fact, by the time we finished from New Orleans, we felt so safe and loved it so much that we planned to come back again. Since then we have driven from Florida to New Orleans 3 times.

                              Cafe in New Orleans       Jazz New Orleans

                                                               Cafe Du Monde
                                                                    Jazz in New Orleans

There is entertainment on every corner of The French Quarter. Jazz players, tap dancers, street buskers, fortune tellers and acrobats perform throughout the day. You can sit at Café Du Monde, with café au lait and freshly cooked beignets, and enjoy the jazz coming from every direction of New Orleans.


I like so many things about Adelaide. The centre of town is about 1 mile square and surrounded by green public parks. The population is just about 1 million and the rush hour traffic jam lasts only 20 minutes. The Torrens River cuts across the city with its paths on each side of it. The paths are very well used by the locals. You see them walking, jogging and cycling every day. In the distance you have views of the surrounding hills of Mt. Lofty. A short ride away on the tram or a car, you can get to one of the popular beaches such as Glenelg or others on the south coast. 

                      Addlaid        Street cafe in Adelaide
      Buskers in Rundle Mall, Adelaide.                                  Street cafe in Adelaide        

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