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In the past, we travelled the world by different means of transport such as cars, buses, trains, ships and planes. We have just come back from a holiday of a life time, an around the world cruise. We went on a Western Circumnavigation of the World and visited 30 ports in 22 countries, clocking up 33,940 nautical miles.

They say 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by sea. This reality has only just dawned on us, as we finished our 100 days of cruising.  We have had the experience of 6 previous short cruises. The longest one was only 12 days. This time, there were days and nights of continuous sailing without a sight of land or another ship, sometimes up to 5 days with just the sky, the sea and us.

                          Madeira        Barbados
                          Madeira  2018                                                                           Barbados    2018

                         Curacao      Panama Canal
                                Curacao  2018                                                                        Panama  Canal 2018

                         Huatulco      Cabo San Lucas
                         Huatulco, Mexico 2018                                                         Cabo San Lucas 2018

                         Golden Gate Bridge    Alcatraz
                         Golden Gate Bridge , San Francisco 2018                       Alcatraz , San Francisco 2018

                       Pago Pago  Pago  Pago American S
                       Pago Pago, American Samoa 2018                               Pago Pago, American Samoa 2018

                       Bay of Islands     Sydney Harbour Bridge
                        Bay of Islands, NZ. 2018                                                       Sydney Harbour Bridge 2018

                      Brisbane   Cape York
                      Brisbane, Australia 2018                                                     Yorkeys Knob, Australia 2018

                    Manila   Hong Kong
                    Manila Port, Philippines 2018                                               Hong Kong 2018

                    Mekong  River    Singapore
                    Mekong River,Vietnam   2018                                                      Singapore 2018

                   Lang Kgawi   Muscat Hills
                     IsIands near Langkgawi, Malaysia 2018                               Muscat Hills, Oman  2018                                              

                   Muscat Suk  Muscat streets
                   Muscat Souk, Oman 2018                                                          Muscat streets, Oman 2018

                  Aqaba Hills    Elat
                  Aqaba Hills, Jordan 2018                                                   Eilat, Israel 2018
                   Suez Canal Suez Canal
                        Suez Canal , Egypt 2018                                               Suez Canal, Egypt 2018

Suez Canal

The Suez Canal was opened on November 17 1869. It took 10 years to complete. It takes a ship 12 to16 hours to transit the canal including waiting time. The canal is 120 miles long, 673 feet in width and 79 feet in depth.
A construction project to increase the capacity from 49 to 97 ships a day was finished in August 2015. The canal currently transports over 4 million barrels of crude oil daily.

                Mt. Vesuvius  Caffe
               Mt. Vesuvius, Naples Italy 2018                                           Cafe Latte, Naples Italy 2018

               Cadez   Cadez prominad
              Monument in Cadiz, Spain 2018                                           Cadiz Promenade, Spain 2018


            Cap. Cook
           Behind the scenes with Captain Cook

      Captains night.    Shopping trip.                                                                                                                    Welcome reception   2001                                                                     Navigator of the Seas. 2004


                                Off to Argentina          Puerto Rico
                                                        Off to Argentina 2016                                                                   Puerto Rico  2011
                                Paradise Island.       Sun downer.
                                       Paradise Island, Bahamas    2004                                                  Sun downer on cabin balcony   2004

                               Shoppin in St. Tomas.       Punta Del Este
                                            Shopping in St Thomas 2004                                              Leaving Punta Del Esta, Uruguay 2016

                              View of Buenos Aires         Montevideo
                                          View of Buenos Aires, Argentina   2016                               Welcome to Montevideo, Uruguay 2016

                             Ready to Party in Montevideo                Panama Market.
                                  Ready to party in Montevideo, Uruguay  2016                                                         Panama market

Panama Canal

Watching our cruise ship going through Panama Canal was really something. The locks have been operating 24 hours a day since 1914 and there are 9000 employees who work there. The canal is 48 miles long and it is a short cut for ships travelling between The Pacific Ocean and The Atlantic Ocean or vice versa. A ship sailing from New York to Francisco via the canal travels 6,000 miles. On the other hand, if it sailed the route around Cape Horn, it would travel 14,000 miles .It takes 9 hours to go through the canal.  

                                   Panama Canal.       Panama Canal
                                                          Panama Canal  2007                                                           Approaching Panama Canal  2007

Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is one place I would love to go to every year and spend time in the rain forest. The country is so rich in natural beauty, birds, animals and plantations. 20% of Costa Rica is conservation area. As we were on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, we went on a boat tour of Tortuguero Canals, where we saw so many different types of birds, howler monkeys, iguanas, sloths, bats, alligators, turtles and more. Everywhere we turned our eyes, there was something to look at and admire.

                                    Costarica        Howling menky.
                                              Boat trip along Tortuguero Canals   2007                                              Howler monkey in Costa Rica 2007

                                   Little heron.       Bats
                                                 Green Heron in Costa Rica  2007                                                      A Bat colony on a palm tree 2007



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